Pro Bono Legal Assistance

Our people are committed to social responsibility, which is demonstrated by the considerable value we place and time we spend on doing pro bono work. We provide legal assistance and make our knowledge and expertise available to a variety of organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals. For example, to organizations and people that pursue or support the public interest, or to those who might otherwise miss out on their fundamental rights.

Some examples of Liance Law Firm’s latest pro bono legal assistance:

  • Hurricane Irma. In September 2017, the beautiful island of Sint Maarten was hit by Category 5 hurricane Irma, which caused widespread and significant damage to buildings and infrastructure. Liance Law Firm our attorneys at law helped several local businesses by reviewing their insurance policies and conditions and by providing them advice on how to handle their specific insurance claims, free of charge.
  • Charity Projects. We provided a charity foundation with free legal advice, among other things about the production, distribution and use of an indestructible ball. This ball is given away to children in developing countries for them to play with a ball that never leaks or breaks. The indestructible ball is also sold, after which the proceeds are used for charity projects such as building water wells in Uganda.

For more information or to apply for pro bono legal assistance, please contact our internal pro bono committee via Applications will be assessed by and the acceptance of applications is at the sole discretion of this internal pro bono committee.


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