Governance and Compliance

Entity management is not just about checking the boxes. Our team supports you to keep overview and enables you to stay in control.


As lawyers, this is what we do best. We make sure that you are not only covered when it comes to the most important risks, but also make sure that any contract drafted or reviewed by us fits your organizational process.

Employment law

Employment law regulates the relationship between employers and employees and governs what employers can expect from employees and vice versa. We guide your company in this whole process, from start to termination, if needed.


From the start of an M&A transaction to closing the deal, we can support you in every way.

Dispute resolution

We believe it is preferable to resolve a dispute out of court, but sometimes that turns out impossible. If the solution cannot be found at the negotiating table, we know to find the way to court.

Intellectual Property

Many of our clients have a business that is based on intellectual property rights. We have extensive expertise in this field of law and see it as an important task to support the client in protecting and exploiting these assets.