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Liance Law Firm (“LLF”) strives for a high quality of our services. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the work of an attorney at law associated with Liance Law Firm or about our declaration, you can inform us of this according to the procedure laid down in the Complaints Procedure below. We strive to handle your complaint constructively and within a reasonable time. Of course, there are no costs for complaint handling.

Complaints Procedure

Article 1. Definitions
Complaint: any expression of dissatisfaction with the provision of services by an attorney at law associated with LFF.
Complainant: the client or the client’s representative who files a complaint with LLF.
Complaints procedure: this procedure for the handling of complaints.
Complaints officer: the attorney at law who is charged by LLF with the handling of the complaint and who has not been involved in the provision of services to the complainant.

Article 2. Filing of a Complaint
2.1 The complainant must send the complaint to LLF in writing, addressed to the complaints officer.
2.2 The complaint shall at least contain a) the name and the address of the complainant, b) the date, c) a description of the act or omission against which the complaint is directed, and d) a signature.
2.3 LLF may decide not to handle a written complaint if the complaint does not meet the requirements of Article 2.2, in which event, the complainant shall be given the opportunity to supplement the complaint within two weeks after dispatch of the notification thereof, failing which LLF cannot handle the complaint.

Article 3. Handling of the Complaint
3.1 LLF shall confirm receipt of the complaint in writing and the complaint officer shall inform the attorney of law involved of the complaint and shall give him the opportunity to respond in writing within a term to be set.
3.2 The complaint officer shall have the right to obtain all information he deems necessary in order to arrive at an impartial handling and assessment of the complaint, including hearing both parties orally.
3.3. In the event both parties are heard orally, a report shall be made of the hearing, a copy of which shall be sent to the parties at their request.

Article 4. Periods
4.1 The complaints officer shall deal with the complaint within four weeks after receipt thereof. Should a reason arise that prevents the resolution of the complaint within this period, the complaints officer shall have the right to extend this period, in principle for a period of four weeks. Such extension and the reason for it shall be communicated in writing.

Article 5. Resolution of the Complaint
5.1 The complaints officer shall present a resolution on the basis of the complaint.
5.2. In the event that the complainant cannot agree to the proposed resolution, the complainant may, if applicable, submit the complaint to the Disputes Resolution Committee for the Legal Profession, with due observance of the Regulations of the Disputes Resolution Committee for the Legal Profession.

Should you wish to contact LLF in connection with this Complaints Procedure, please send an e-mail to You will then be contacted as soon as possible.

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