Areas of expertise 

Commercial Contracts

Liance Law Firm is involved with virtually all aspects of business relations and deals with negotiation, drafting and advising on a wide variety of (international) contracts and general terms and conditions. Liance Law Firm also advices on problems during the performance on contracts.

Permanent and transparent relationships with third parties are reflected in clear-cut contracts. Liance Law Firm has all experience required to advise businesses on and assist them with all legal aspects of commercial contracts.

Our areas of expertise include the following agreements:

Advertisement ▪ Agency ▪ Confidentiality ▪ Consignment ▪ Construction ▪ Consultancy ▪ Distribution ▪ Employment ▪ Franchise ▪ General terms and conditions ▪ Guarantee ▪ Indemnity ▪ Lease ▪ Letter of intent ▪ Loan ▪ Management ▪ Non-competition ▪ Non-disclosure ▪ Partnership ▪ Purchase ▪ Reseller ▪ Sale ▪ Services ▪ Settlement ▪ Share transfer ▪ Sponsor ▪ Supply ▪ Termination ▪ Use ▪ White label


Rules on competition (or anti-trust) prevent competition between undertakings from being distorted or restricted by arrangements between businesses or abuse by strong undertakings of their dominant positions. Under certain circumstances, rules on competition also apply to non-profit organizations and governments. Liance Law Firm has in-depth knowledge of these (upcoming) laws and regulations.

A viable and innovative economy needs competition. A market determined by unrestricted competition offers opportunities. The rules on competition also provides for challenges since undertakings and their principals are responsible for compliance with these rules as well.

Competition law is a highly specialized area of law. Liance Law Firm advises and supports businesses across the spectrum of competition law and acts as your strategic sparring partner. Liance Law Firm developed a ‘Competition Scan’, amongst others indicating an organization’s position within the relevant market. Liance Law Firm’s advice and assistance includes the following competition related matters:

Abuse ▪ Administrative procedures ▪ Anti-trust ▪ Cartel agreements ▪ Cartel allegations ▪ Civil proceedings ▪ Competition ▪ Compliance ▪ Concentrations ▪ Consumer and Market Authority ▪ Contracts ▪ Damages ▪ Dominant position ▪ Exemptions ▪ Fair Trade Authority ▪ Infringements ▪ Relevant market ▪ Scan ▪ State aid ▪ Supervision and enforcement ▪ Undertakings


Liance Law Firm advises clients in the fields of governance and compliance, which includes (supervisory) boards on corporate governance issues such as the functioning of internal supervision and decision making, as well as companies that are faced with external market supervision, such as trust service providers. In addition, Liance Law Firm is experienced in setting up and carrying out compliance programs.

Sound corporate governance and compliance policies are key concerns in the internal organization of companies. Advising managing directors, supervisory directors and shareholders, Liance Law Firm has extensive experience with corporate governance and compliance across a broad spectrum of areas.

Areas of expertise include:

Anti-Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing ▪ Asset management ▪ Credit institutions ▪ Decision making ▪ Disputes ▪ Distribution of authorities ▪ Due Diligence ▪ Institutional investors ▪ Insurance brokers ▪ Internal and external accountability ▪ Internal organization ▪ KYC ▪ Laws, regulations and codes ▪ Licenses & Permits ▪ Liability issues ▪ Risk assessment ▪ Risk management ▪ Supervision ▪ Trust services


Corporate law is a very broad concept. Liance Law Firm focuses specifically on businesses and entrepreneurial practices. Liance Law Firm provides services to medium-sized and large (national and international) companies, but also to sole proprietorships and start-ups. Liance Law Firm has the expertise and skills to satisfy the high level of requirements that corporate advice demands.

Corporate law covers various issues. For example, the establishment of a legal entity, disputes between shareholders or partners, directors’ liability, sequestration, or the recovery of outstanding receivables. Whether you require advice or assistance in legal proceedings, Liance Law Firm is here for you.

Liance Law Firm can advise and assist you in various corporate matters, such as the following:

Association ▪ Attachment and execution law ▪ Board of Directors ▪ Company law ▪ Contracts ▪ Contractual and non-contractual liability ▪ Debt collection ▪ Directors’ liability ▪ Dismissal ▪ Finance and security interests ▪ Foundation ▪ General contract law ▪ General terms and conditions ▪ Incorporation ▪ Internal & External Liability ▪ Legal entities ▪ Legal transfers ▪ Shareholders ▪ Start-up ▪ Voting


Liance Law Firm has extensive experience in dispute resolution and is appreciated by clients for its approach and results. Liance Law Firm deals with any type of disputes, including corporate and commercial disputes. Liance Law Firm helps your business resolve disputes in the most effective way, at the lowest possible cost. If legal proceedings are unavoidable, Liance Law Firm will defend your interests in court.

Liance Law Firm assists with virtually all types of disputes, both judicial and extrajudicial. Examples are:

Anti-trust ▪ Breach of contract ▪ Competition ▪ Compliance ▪ Construction disputes ▪ Consumer disputes ▪ Contractual disputes ▪ Corporate governance ▪ Default ▪ Financial disputes▪ Lease disputes ▪ Liability ▪ Neighbor disputes ▪ Non-conformity ▪ Non-performance ▪ Shareholders’ disputes ▪ Termination of negotiations ▪ Tort

Financial Law

Financial law is a broad area of law and has many similarities with corporate law. Financial law is constantly changing and has become more extensive and complex in recent years. It requires professional experts. Liance Law Firm has years of experience in financial matters and is always up-to-date and aware of the latest developments in this area.

Liance Law Firm advises clients about various financial products and services, and it advises and litigates in disputes between banks, insurers, intermediaries, investment advisors, pension advisors, asset managers, entrepreneurs and consumers. In addition, Liance Law Firm gives tailor made presentations to management, supervisory directors and specific employees.

Examples of areas Liance law Firm provides advice and assistance:

Asset management ▪ Banking ▪ Compliance ▪ Derivates and usurious interest ▪ Due Diligence ▪ Duty of care ▪ Finance ▪ Finance and security interests ▪ Financial Markets Authority ▪ Foreclosure auctions ▪ Investments ▪ KYC ▪ Loans ▪ Liability ▪ License applications ▪ Litigation ▪ Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing ▪ Mortgages ▪ Pledges ▪ Prospectus ▪ Supervision

Insurance and Liability

All sorts of risks are faced by individuals and companies on a daily basis. Financial consequences of these risks can be covered by means of insurance. Liance Law Firm assists in coverage advice, claim handling, litigation and policy wording. Liability can arise from various causes, each requiring its own specific approach. Liance Law Firm has many years of experience in most forms of insurance and provides clients with tailormade advice.

With the different interests a company must consider, insurance plays an important role in contemporary doing business. Risks covered properly, provide any enterprise with more time to focus on corporate goals. When taking part in daily life, liability manifests itself in different appearances. Knowledge and insights on these aspects do give support needed in cases where this might occur. Liance Law Firm assists insurance companies, reinsurance companies, brokers and insured persons.

Examples of our work:

Administrative liability ▪ Claim handling ▪ Corporate liability ▪ Coverage advice ▪ Coverage disputes ▪ Credit insurance ▪ Directors liability ▪ Insurance law ▪ Personal injury ▪ Legal liability ▪ Liability policies ▪ Liability disputes ▪ Litigation ▪ Medical liability ▪ Officers liability ▪ Policy coverage ▪ Policy wording ▪ Product liability ▪ Professional liability ▪ Real estate insurance ▪ Recourse ▪ Reinsurance ▪ Tort

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is about all human inventions that result in a concrete form or technique. This includes music, brands, design, inventions, texts and photos. Liance Law Firm advises on matters such as protecting, enforcing and infringing intellectual property rights and drawing up contracts for the development and exploitation of new products.

If required, Liance Law Firm will guide and represent clients in an intellectual property right procedure. We have a lot of experience with infringement cases and know exactly what to do if rights are violated or an accusation of infringing is made.

Our assistance on matters relating to intellectual property law includes:

Antitrust issues ▪ Confidential information ▪ Copyrights ▪ Customs ▪ Counterfeit ▪ Data ▪ Design patents ▪ E-zone ▪ Franchise ▪ Ideas ▪ Infringements ▪ Domain names ▪ Know-how protection ▪ Licensing ▪ Litigating ▪ Protection ▪ Models ▪ Non-Disclosure ▪ Portrait rights ▪ Registration ▪ Rights of publicity ▪ Reseller ▪ Trademarks ▪ Trade names ▪ Trade secrets ▪ Unlawful publications ▪ White label

Labor Law

Liance Law Firm assists employers, statutory directors and employees regarding all kinds of employment subjects, from “everyday” labor law disputes to specific specialist issues. Among other things, we assist in drafting employment agreements, employee handbooks and legally managing employments risks. Liance Law Firm also litigates and files employment law proceedings if necessary, for instance in case of termination of the employment agreement.

Liance Law Firms always strives for quick and practical solutions, where the interests of our clients are paramount. We are experienced and committed to provide our clients with high-quality and constructive customized advice, taking the very latest developments in applicable employment law into account.

We advise and litigate on a range of subjects in this field, such as:

Absenteeism ▪ Collective dismissal ▪ Confidentiality agreements ▪ Dismissal procedures ▪ Employment agreements ▪ Foreign employees ▪ Freelance agreements ▪ Illness ▪ Management agreements ▪ Non-competition ▪ Relationship-clauses ▪ Pension schemes ▪ Privacy ▪ Probationary period ▪ Reorganization ▪ Secondment ▪ Severance ▪ Termination agreements ▪ Working conditions

Real Estate and Project Development

Liance Law Firm is specialized in all possible aspects of real estate, such as the development, sale, purchase and lease of real estate. Liance Law Firm acts on behalf of a range of clients, including property developers, contractors, asset managers, estate agents, investors, owners, landlords and lessees and provides each of them with customized services rather than lengthy advice.

Liance Law Firm can advise and assist you in various matters, including the following:


Apartments ▪ Attachment and execution law ▪ Construction ▪ Contracts ▪ Defects ▪ Eviction ▪ General terms and conditions ▪ Homeowners associations ▪ Independent contractors ▪ Lease ▪ Long lease ▪ Maintenance and repairs ▪ Pledges and mortgages ▪ Prescription ▪ Project development ▪ Purchase ▪ Renovation ▪ Rent ▪ Sale ▪ Superficies

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